huitres plates ou belons médaillées au salon de l'agriculture crénéguy

Oyster tasting in the Gulf of Morbihan

CRENEGUY OYSTERS : producers since 1935

5th generation oyster farmers, Olivier and Nicolas have newly taken over from Daniel and Didier their father and uncle. Tradition and years of experience, mixed with perfect continuity of generations from a single family, create the wealth of the company.

 » Our ancestors chose and utilized the parcs we use today. We distinguish ourselves from them by evolving their techniques and working slightly differently. An example? The 4th generation began the culture of their oyster in bags and then finished them by laying them directly on the silt parcs. We are attempting to do the exact opposite.« 

The two brothers allow for the sand to shape the little oysters during the first phase, then they place them between the many islands of the Gulf where the currents perfect them.

 » We are proud to be able to offer you Flat Oysters too. They are the perfect reflection of our team: a wise mix of tradition and freshness. The first bite is like a slap: strong and vivacious. The second is like a hug: long, surprising and suave. « 

à la tête des huitres creneguy, nicolas et olivier représentent la cinquième génération
une partie de la production des huitres crénéguy se fait en eau profonde
les huitres creuses grandissent dans des poches grillagées
atelier de conditionnement des huitres crénéguy en bourriches
responsable de la communication des huitres crénéguy
le chantier crénéguy est situé en plein coeur de larmor baden
dans une ambiance relaxante chez lucien à larmor baden

Oyster Bar « Chez Lucien »

Oyster Bar « Chez Lucien » opened in 2017. It’s name stems from the man who started the Oyster Farming journey for the Creneguy family:

 » Our great-great-(and a couple more « greats »)grandfather Lucien Crénéguy « 

You can now book our entire venue for your events amongst friends or co-workers.
In an idyllic spot, with incredible views of the Morbihan Gulfe and Larmor Baden itself, we can assure you a certain « wow » factor!
With DJ or without (but oysters are a must : an oyster bar without oysters? What a thought!) we can always adapt our offer to meet your needs.


We offer Oyster Opening Courses: this includes one of our team showing you how to open your oysters perfectly and then tasting the oysters you’ve opened with complimentary wine!


To find us and check out our opening hours, please feel free to CONTACT us !

CONTACT Réservation

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Adresses :

7 Chemin de Port Lagaden
56870 Larmor Baden

20 rue Pen Lannic
56870 Larmor Baden


+33 – 02 97 57 16 48

Heures d'ouverture :Ventes directes

du lundi au vendredi : 8h-12h et 13h-17h

Actuellement fermé, réouverture prévue en Avril 2020

Actuellement fermée, réouverture prévue en Avril 2020.

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